Standard No.TR 68 - 2 : 2019
TitleTechnical Reference for autonomous vehicles – Part 2: Safety
No. of Pages29
ICS Classification43.020 Road vehicles in general
43.040 Road vehicle systems
SynopsisGives the safety provisions for autonomous vehicles (AVs) deployed on public roads. Specifically, the use case of deployment in Singapore is considered.

Stipulates system-level safety in order to ensure:

a) functional and operational safety requirements of vehicles are met;
b) system safety is applicable to the operation design domain in which the vehicle operates;
c) the vehicle developer, system integrator and system operator are competent organisations with an appropriate quality management system in place supported by competent personnel; and
d) that appropriate safety goals are in place to guide safety assurance at the system level.

Does not differentiate between vehicles being built from scratch and conventional homologated vehicles, which have been equipped with additional driving automation system/technology (see SAE J3016_201806) to increase the supported level of driving automation within SAE's scale

CommitteeManufacturing Standards Commitee
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