Standard No.TR 68 - 3 : 2019
TitleTechnical Reference for Autonomous vehicles – Part 3 : Cybersecurity principles and assessment
No. of Pages36
ICS Classification35.030 IT Security
43.020 Road vehicles in general
SynopsisGives provisions for cybersecurity assessment framework of Autonomous Vehicles deployed on public roads. Cover the following areas:
- Apply methodology from existing cybersecurity standards and best practices in the context of automotive practices. Where the subject is a cyber-physical vehicle system that includes embedded control systems, and a coupling between the computational elements and physical elements. Furthermore, the subject system has close physical interactions with people and other vehicles while deployed on public roads.
- Extend existent cybersecurity standards and best practices for automotive application to provide an enhanced cybersecurity safeguard in response to the increased security threat potential which is present for vehicles deployed to level 4/5 automation (as defined in SAE J3016_2018) where a human operator is not present in the vehicle to intervene in the event that an attack has compromised it.

Includes a security risk assessment but does not extend to consider risks arising due to any consequential impacts to the physical operation of the vehicle arising from cybersecurity.

Scope of assessment includes the following vehicle zones (and their connected communication channels) that are within the Vehicle Intelligence and Interface Layer:

- Vehicle intelligence zone;
- Device zone;
- HMI zone.

CommitteeManufacturing Standards Commitee
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