Standard No.SS EN 3 - 7 : 2012
TitlePortable fire extinguishers - Characteristics, performance requirements and test methods
No. of Pages65
ICS Classification13.220.10 Fire-fighting
SynopsisSpecifies the characteristics, performance requirements and test methods for portable fire extinguishers. Reference to the suitability of an extinguisher for use on gaseous fires (Class C fires), the manufacturers shall be required to provide evidence of suitability for the purpose to the relevant authority and the certification body before the listing process.

Suitability of extinguishers for use on class D fires (fires involving flammable metals) is outside the scope of this standard in respect of test fires. However, extinguishers claiming class D suitability are covered in all other respects by the requirements in this standard for powder extinguishers.
AdoptionEN 3-7 : 2004 MOD
CommitteeBuilding and Construction Standards Committee
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AmendmentCorrigendum 1, May 2014    Download as PDF
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