Standard No.SS EN 1993 - 4-2 : 2011 (2017)
TitleEurocode 3 : Design of steel structures - Tanks
No. of Pages60
ICS Classification91.010.30 Technical aspects
91.080.10 Metal structures
23.020.01 Fluid storage devices in general
SynopsisProvides principles and application rules for the structural design of vertical cylindrical above ground steel tanks for the storage of liquid products with the following characteristics:

• Internal pressures above liquid level not less than 100 mbar and not more than 500 mbar.
• Design metal temperature in the range of -50 0C to +300 0C. For tanks constructed using austenitic stainless steels, the design metal temperature may be in the range of -165 0C to + 300 0C. For fatigue loaded tanks, the temperature should be limited to T < 150 0C.
• Maximum design liquid level not higher than the top of the cylindrical shell.
AdoptionEN 1993-4-2 : 2007 IDT
CommitteeBuilding and Construction Standards Committee
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