Standard No.SS 5 - A1 : 2003 (2013)
TitleMethods of test for paints, varnishes and related materials - Sampling
No. of Pages25
ICS Classification87.040 Paints and varnishes
CommentsConfirmed 25th January 2013
SynopsisDescribes manual methods of sampling paints, varnishes and raw materials for paints and varnishes. Such products include liquids and materials which, without undergoing chemical modification, are capable of being liquefied when heated up, and also powdered, granulated and pasty materials. Samples may be taken from containers, e.g. cans, drums, tanks, containers, tank wagons or ships?tanks, as well as from barrels, sacks, big-bags, silos or silo wagons, or from conveyor belts.
AdoptionISO 15528 : 2000 IDT
CommitteeChemical Standards Committee
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AmendmentAmendment No.1, January 2013    Download as PDF
StatusUnder Revision
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