Standard No.SS 526 - 1 : 2006 (2014)
TitleContent exchange metadata standards for the education sector - Metadata standards
No. of Pages59
ICS Classification35.240.90 IT applications in education
CommentsUsers may wish to refer to the following websites for the updated industry specifications: a)IMS Global Inc Examples: Meta-data, content packaging, enterprise, competency definitions b)AICC especially the CMI-5 – The next generation eLearning interoperability specification being developed to replace existing AICC & SCORM specifications c)Dublin Core Metadata Initiative d)eBook Publication Specification from the International Digital Publication Forum (IDPF) e)SCORM 2004 4th Edition f)SCORM 1.2
SynopsisAims to establish a content exchange structure to facilitate easy search and retrieval of local digital education content. This will provide good search experience for users.

The objectives of this standard are to ensure that information resources can be labelled easily, be retrieved quickly, be assessed for relevance to a particular purpose, be used and reused for exchange between multiple repositories of information resources.

The standard details the metadata elements and element refinements of CEMS. It also provides suggested mappings to other common metadata standard where possible.
CommitteeInformation Technology Standards Committee
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