Standard No.TR 40 : 2015
TitleTechnical Reference for sensor networks for Smart Nation (homes)
No. of Pages55
ICS Classification35.110 Networking
35.240.01 Application of information technology in general
SynopsisProvides the framework and a minimum set of communication and application interface standards for the development and deployment of sensor networks for homes in Singapore. Covers the following areas:

(a) a set of core requirements for sensor network framework for homes which enables the provision of services for Smart Nation;

(b) a minimum set of coherent international or industry standards for interface interoperability for the various functional layers of the sensor networks for homes that supports a variety of applications across multiple agencies and industries and is suitable for deployment on a national scale:

(i) wired and wireless protocols between home sensor gateway and devices;

(ii) home sensor gateway and sensor network integration platform;

(iii) sensor network integration platform and sensor applications; and

(iv) security considerations and recommended security controls for home sensor networks.

CommitteeInformation Technology Standards Committee
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