Standard No.CP 88 - 1 : 2001
TitleCode of practice for temporary electrical installations - Construction and building sites
No. of Pages40
ICS Classification29.260.10 Electrical installations for outdoor use
SynopsisDeals with temporary electrical installations for construction and building sites. Also deals principally with temporary electrical installations for building operation and work of engineering supply during the execution of new building construction; repair, alteration, extension or demolition of buildings; engineering construction; earthworks and other similar works.

Does not apply to installations in construction site offices, meeting rooms, canteens, dormitories, toilets, etc., where the general requirements in Singapore Standard CP 5 shall apply.

Although some temporary installations at these sites may receive supplies at voltages higher than 1000 V, such parts of the installations are outside the scope of this code. Also does not cover those aspects of installations in a compressed air environment and potentially explosive atmospheres.
CommitteeElectrical and Electronic Standards Committee
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AmendmentErratum No. 1, May 2001    Download as PDF
Amendment No.1, April 2007.    Download as PDF
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