Standard No.CP 28 : 1984 (1999)
TitleCode of practice for the construction, care and safe use of shears
No. of Pages36
ICS Classification13.110 Safety of machinery
25.120.10 Forging equipment. Presses. Shears
SynopsisEstablishes the safety criteria for the construction, care and use of shears designed primarily of metal shearing. Applies to machines constructed with a plate or cast-type ram or both, bed, table, hold-down and housings, utilizing one fixed and one moving non-rotary blade for the shearing action, and having a constant rake for any one shearing stroke. It is a useful guide (to be read in relation with the statutory requirements of the Factories Act, 1973) for all users, maintenance personnel and manufacture of shears.
CommitteeQuality and Safety Standards Committee
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AmendmentErratum No.1, August 2003    Download as PDF
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