Standard No.CP 7 : 1997 (2014)
TitleCode of practice for structural use of timber
No. of Pages104
ICS Classification91.080.20 Timber structures
CommentsConfirmed 2014
SynopsisProvides guidance on the structural use of tropical timber in load bearing members. Includes recommendations on quality, permissible stresses and modification factors applicable to these materials when used as simple members, or as parts of built-up components, or as parts of structures incorporating other materials. Also gives recommendations on the design of nailed, screwed, bolted and connected joints, method of test to assess the adequacy of structural assemblies, and general advice on workmanship, various treatments which can be applied, inspection and maintenance.
CommitteeBuilding and Construction Standards Committee
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AmendmentErratum No. 1, Sep 1999    Download as PDF
Erratum No. 2, Sep 2001    Download as PDF
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