Standard No.SS 322 : 2015
TitleSpecification for earthing and bonding clamps
No. of Pages15
ICS Classification21.060.70 Clamps and staples
29.120.20 Connecting devices
SynopsisSpecifies performance and mechanical requirements for clamps used to provide mechanically and electrically sound means of earthing and/or bonding, which are primarily intended for use in electrical installations for the connection of:

a) earthing conductors, having a cross-sectional area in the range 2.5 mm2 to 70 mm2, to earth electrode rods or other means of earthing;

b) bonding conductors to metal tubes of circular cross-section that have circumferences of not less than 18.8 mm (i.e. diameters of not less than 6 mm).

AdoptionBS 951 : 2009 MOD
CommitteeElectrical and Electronic Standards Committee
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