Standard No.TR 50 : 2016
TitleTechnical Reference for IoT information and services interoperability for Smart Nation
No. of Pages39
ICS Classification35.110 Networking
35.240.01 Application of information technology in general
SynopsisRecommends a minimum set of coherent international or industry standards for interface interoperability of information and services that supports a variety of applications across multiple industries and are suitable for deployment on a nation-wide scale.

Annex A provides a non-exhaustive list of reference applications and their categories. Annex B and Annex C demonstrate a simplified implementation and some deployment possibilities respectively, based on a selection of recommendations in this TR.

The TR does not:
– attempt to improve or to address differences in existing standards;
– cover security and IT enterprise standards, standards for the management of sensor networks, and standards beyond the scope of IoT;
– recommend standards that are domain, industry or sector specific.
CommitteeInformation Technology Standards Committee
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