Standard No.SS 175 : 1993 (2011)
TitleNon-refillable metal aerosol dispensers of 50 ml to 1400 ml capacity and up to 85 mm diameter
No. of Pages17
ICS Classification55.130 Aerosol containers
SynopsisCovers requirements for materials, construction, performance, labelling and marking for non-refillable metal aerosol dispensers from 50 ml up to 1400 ml maximum brimful capacity and up to 85 mm internal diameter, pressurized by liquefied, compressed or dissolved propellant gases but excluding compartmented aerosol dispensers.
Includes requirements for containers closed as in the filling process and ensures the filled aerosol dispenser is safe in respect of pressure performance and integrity throughout its intended life. Also includes specific requirements for the pressure resistance of the unfilled container and the selection and testing of aerosol dispensers to meet anticipated service requirements in terms of pressure resistance and compatibility with contents.
CommitteeQuality and Safety Standards Committee
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AmendmentAmendment No.1, February 1999    Download as PDF
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