Standard No.SS 145 - 2 : 2010
TitleSpecification for 13 A plugs and socket-outlets - Part 2 : 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets
No. of Pages77
ICS Classification29.120.30 Plugs, socket-outlets, couplers
SynopsisSpecifies requirements for 13 A switched and unswitched shuttered socket-outlets for household, commercial and light industrial purposes, with particular reference to safety in normal use. The socket-outlets are suitable for the connection of portable appliances, sound-vision equipment, luminaires, etc. in a.c. circuits only, operating at voltages not exceeding 250 V r.m.s. at 50 Hz using plugs in accordance with SS 145-1.
Also specifies requirements for 13 A shuttered socket-outlets in single or multiple arrangements, with or without associated controlling switches, for flush mounting in suitable boxes, e.g. complying with BS 4662, or for surface or panel mounting or for portable use. Fixed socket-outlets are intended for use with cables complying with SS 358-3 or IEC 60227-3 having copper conductors. Portable socket-outlets are intended for use with flexible cords, complying with SS 358-5 or IEC 60227-5.
Socket-outlets containing devices other than fuse links, switches and indicator lamps are outside the scope of this part of SS 145.

CommitteeElectrical and Electronic Standards Committee
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