Standard No.TR 41 : 2015
TitleTechnical reference for data quality metrics
No. of Pages18
ICS Classification03.120.01 Quality in general
35.020 Information technology (IT) in general
35.240 Applications of information technology
SynopsisDefines a common set of domain agnostic data quality metrics for structured and machine-readable datasets. The data may include:

• Historic data containing past information (e.g. library book loan, transaction records);

• Live data containing current information (e.g. library book availability).

The data may be made available as:

• Spot data, which is collected or recorded from time to time at some discrete time intervals or

• A data stream, which includes continuous, steady streams or a sequence of information. Examples include stock prices, market data feeds, sensory feeds and video feeds.

Does not cover data quality metrics for unstructured datasets and the suggested guidelines may or may not be applicable to unstructured datasets

CommitteeInformation Technology Standards Committee
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