Standard No.SS 467 : 2002 (2012)
TitleSmart card reader application program interface (API)
No. of Pages24
ICS Classification35.080 Software
35.180 IT terminal and other peripheral equipment
CommentsConfirmed, February 2012
SynopsisDescribes the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) routines and functions that must be supported by the software driver for a smart card reader. Covers DLL versions available, functions that the DLL must support, the associated status and error returns codes needed for the reader and application development rules that must be followed in building the DLL. The application development rules includes structures declared in calling programs, size allocated for the structures (including that for backward compatibility) and steps to communicate with the smart card via the reader, using API commands. Specifies other functions that are required in the standard reader interface. Also specifies the syntax, description, parameters and return values of the API commands.
CommitteeInformation Technology Standards Committee
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