Standard No.SS 495 : 2001
TitleImpact attenuation of surface systems under and around playground equipment
No. of Pages29
ICS Classification97.200.40 Playgrounds
SynopsisSpecifies requirements for surfacing to be used in children's playgrounds and specific requirements for areas where impact attenuation is necessary. Suggests the factors to be considered when selecting playground surfacing and gives a method of test by which the impact attenuation can be determined. This test gives a critical fall height for surfacing that represents the upper limit of its effectiveness in reducing head injury when using playground equipment conforming to SS 457 - "Playground equipment for public use".
Specific provisions are included for performance requirements for impact absorbing playground surfacing and the relevant methods of test. The following are covered:

(a) the ability of the surface to resist abrasive wear,
(b) the slip resistance of the material;

(c) the ability of the material to resist indentation by point loading and to recover from sustained loading;

(d) the response of the material to a particular source of ignition.
CommitteeQuality and Safety Standards Committee
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