Standard No.SS ISO 10218 - 2 : 2016
TitleRobots and robotic devices – Safety requirements for industrial robots – Part 2 : Robot systems and integration
No. of Pages86
ICS Classification25.040.30 Industrial robots. Manipulators
SynopsisSpecifies safety requirements for the integration of industrial robots and industrial robot systems as defined in ISO 10218-1, and industrial robot cell(s). The integration includes the following:
a) the design, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the industrial robot system or cell;
b) component devices of the industrial robot system or cell.
Does not deal specifically with hazards associated with processes (e.g. laser radiation, ejected chips, welding smoke).

AdoptionISO 10218-2 : 2011 IDT
CommitteeManufacturing Standards Commitee
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