Standard No.SS 595 - 1 : 2014
TitleSingapore Standard for steel wire ropes for hoisting - Part 1 : Specification for steel wire ropes
No. of Pages48
ICS Classification77.140.65 Steel wire, wire ropes and link chains
SynopsisSpecifies the minimum requirements for the manufacture and testing of stranded steel wire ropes for general purposes, including lifting equipment such as cranes and hoists. Includes requirements for ropes for slings and the minimum breaking forces for the more common sizes, grades and constructions of stranded rope. Applicable to single-layer, rotation resistant and parallel-closed ropes made from wires of uncoated (bright), zinc-coated and zinc-alloy coated finish in rope diameters of up to 60 mm, supplied as bulk manufacture.

AdoptionISO 2408 : 2004 MOD
CommitteeQuality and Safety Standards Committee
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