Standard No.SS ISO 9000 : 2015
TitleQuality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary
No. of Pages66
ICS Classification01.040.03 Services. Company organization, management and quality. Administration. Transport. Sociology. (Vocabularies)
03.100.70 Management systems
03.120.10 Quality management and quality assurance
SynopsisDescribes the fundamental concepts, principles and vocabulary of quality management, and defines related terms, which are universally applicable to the following:
- organisations seeking sustained success through the implementation of quality and other management systems;
- customers seeking confidence in organisation’s ability to provide satisfactory products;
- organisations seeking confidence in their supply chain that their product requirements will be met;
- those interested parties seeking to improve communication through a common understanding of the terminology used in quality management;
- organisations performing conformity assessments against the requirements of ISO 9001;
- those providing training in quality management;
- developers of related standards.

AdoptionISO 9000 : 2015 IDT
CommitteeQuality and Safety Standards Committee
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