Standard No.SS 341 : 2001 (2012)
TitleSafety glazing materials for use in buildings (human impact considerations)
No. of Pages43
ICS Classification91.100 Construction materials
CommentsConfirmed, February 2012
SynopsisSets out performance requirements and test methods for safety glazing materials for use in buildings in areas where human impact is likely. The materials specified are glazing panels designed to promote safety and to reduce or minimize the likelibood of cutting and piercing injuries from human impact. Includes clear, tinted and patterned safety glazing materials, and opaque glazing materials used as spandrel panels in locations subject to human impact. Does not cover glazing materials such as sealants and beads and added precautions that may be necessary to combat fire hazards.
CommitteeBuilding and Construction Standards Committee
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AmendmentCorrigendum No.1, October 2018    Download as PDF
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