Standard No.SS 564 - 1 : 2013
TitleGreen data centres - Part 1 : Energy and environmental management systems
No. of Pages52
ICS Classification33.020 Telecommunications in general
13.020.10 Environmental management
35.020 Information technology (IT) in general
SynopsisAligns the requirements of SS 564 with the published SS ISO 50001 : 2011 on energy management.

Specifies guidelines for organisations to establish the policies, systems and processes necessary to improve the energy efficiency of their data centres and lessen their impact on the environment. Comprises three key components:

i) A certifiable, management system which provides data centres with a recognised framework as well as a logical and consistent methodology to achieve energy efficiency and continuous improvement.

ii) Recommended metrics for data centres to track their performance, and identify potential areas for improvement.

iii) A set of best practices which data centres can adopt, depending on their needs and requirements.
CommitteeInformation Technology Standards Committee
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