Standard No.SS 523 : 2006 (2013)
TitleCode of practice for microfilming of newspapers on 35 mm black and white, silver-gelatin type microfilm/planetary camera filming – Operating procedures
No. of Pages18
ICS Classification37.080 Document imaging applications
CommentsMature Standard with effect from November 2017
Synopsisapplies to the microfilming of local newspapers on 35 mm black and white silver-gelatin type microfilm using planetary cameras. It describes filming conditions and procedures. It does not cover quality control, filming of newspapers on 16 mm and 105 mm formats, colour microfilming and filming on 35 mm camera-processor.

This revision provides an update on the use of declaration or authorisation targets and the requirements of technical targets.
CommitteeChemical Standards Committee
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AmendmentAmendment No.1, March 2013    Download as PDF
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