SS 583:2013

Guidelines on food safety management for food service establishments


Provides the necessary steps to assist companies to put in place a basic food safety management system based on HACCP principles.

Focuses on critical hazards found in a typical food service establishment and on measures to control and minimise them. Used in conjunction with the following documents which are published separately:

• Supplement to the standard – contains samples of documentation, HACCP plans and guidance on good food hygiene and food handling practices that are important to food safety (to be made available in editable digital format and bundled for sale with the standard); and
• Blank templates and records based on the HACCP concept (available also for free download from the National Environment Agency’s website ).


SS 583 package consists of the following documents: • SS 583 : 2013 • Supplement to SS 583 : 2013 (pdf and editable MS word versions) • Templates of forms and records (pdf and editable MS word versions)

General Information

Status Under Revision
Edition 2013
No. of Pages 78
ICS Classification 67.020 Processes in the food industry
03.120.10 Quality management and quality assurance
Committee Food Standards Committee
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