SS IEC 62541-11:2019

OPC unified architecture – Part 11: Historical access


Includes additional and complementary descriptions of the NodeClasses and Attributes needed for Historical Access, additional standard Properties, and other information and behaviour.
The complete AddressSpace Model including all NodeClasses and Attributes is specified in SS IEC 62541-3. The predefined Information Model is defined in SS IEC 62541-5. The Services to detect and access historical data and events, and description of the ExtensibleParameter types are specified in SS IEC 62541-4.

Also includes functionality to compute and return Aggregates like minimum, maximum, average etc. The Information Model and the concrete working of Aggregates are defined in SS IEC 62541-13.




Status Current
Edition 2019
No. of Pages 52
ICS Classification 25.040.40 Industrial process measurement and control
35.100 Open systems interconnection (OSI)
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption IEC 62541-11 : 2015 IDT