Draft SS 634:2018

Code of practice for fire safety for open plant processing facilities in oil, chemical and process industries


This standard covers the layout and spacing of open plant processing facilities, drainage of spillages and firefighting water, isolation of the plant, provision of means of escape, passive and active fire protection systems, and access for emergency responders and appliances.

Recommendations set in this standard are applicable to open plant processing facilities in the oil, chemical and process industries, including energy and utilities facilities.
This standard does not apply to the following:

? Atmospheric storage tanks, which is usually sited away from process units;
? Pressurised storage tanks;
? Cryogenic storage tanks.
The standard is reviewed with the intention to update it.

Users of the standard include oil, chemical and process industries owners that have open plant processing facilities (inclusive of energy and utilities facilities), engineers, and relevant government agencies.




Status Draft
Edition 2018
No. of Pages 53
ICS Classification
Available for Purchase For sale in Singapore only
Adoption -