Singapore Standards
Singapore Standards are nationally recognised documents established by consensus. Standards are published documents setting out specifications and procedures for the design, use or performance of materials, products, processes, services and systems.

Technical References or TR for short, are fast track documents that are developed to help meet urgent industry demand for specifications or requirements on a particular product, process or service in an area where there is an absence of reference standards. Unlike Singapore Standards, TRs are issued without going through the full consensus process as the time taken could affect the relevance to market needs. As such, they are made available for provisional application over a period of two years, but does not have the status of Singapore Standards. The aim is to use the experience gained to modify the TRs before they can be adopted as Singapore Standards.

As the national standards body, Enterprise Singapore facilities the development of Singapore Standards based on requests from the industry and government. Currently, there are more than 1,000 standards partners and volunteers who are involved in the development and promotion of standards.
Best Selling Singapore Standards (Nov 2018)
1. SS 634 : 2018
Code of practice for fire safety for open plant processing facilities in oil, chemical and process industries
2. SS 636 : 2018
Code of practice for water services
3. SS 583 : 2013
Guidelines on food safety management for food service establishments
4. CP 97 - 2 : 2004 (2015)
Code of practice for construction electronic measurement standard (CEMS) - Standard method of measurement for mechanical and electrical works
5. SS 600 : 2014
Code of practice for bunkering
6. SS ISO 45001 : 2018
Occupational health and safety management systems — Requirements with guidance for use
7. CP 97 - 1 : 2002 (2015)
Code of practice for construction electronic measurement standards (CEMS) - Standard method of measurement (SMM) for building works
8. TR 48 : 2015
Technical Reference for bunker mass flow metering
9. SS 620 : 2016
Good distribution practice for medical devices - Requirements