International & Overseas Standards Request Form

  1. You should receive a quotation within 3 working days.
  2. 3rd party courier charges will be included for original printed hardcopy supplied by our overseas standards partners.
  3. Sale of international standards is restricted to customers within Singapore only.
  4. Click here to see Terms and Conditions (International/Overseas Standards).
  5. Item Type
    Original Printed Copy: This refers to the paper copy that is printed by the Overseas Standards Body. Orders for original printed copy will take a longer time to be delivered as shipment and customs are involved.
    Reproduction Copy: This refers to a laser-printed copy that is downloaded and printed from the online databases of the Overseas Standards Bodies.
    eCopy: This refers to the electronic copy or ''softcopy'' of the standard that is downloaded and sent to customers. In most cases, the Adobe Acrobat PDF format will be used.
  6. If you need assistance in identifying the Overseas Standards you require, just click on the hyperlink below and you can view the Standards at the respective websites.
    a. ISO Standards
    b. IEC Standards
    c. ASTM Standards
    d. Australian Standards (AS)
    e. British Standards (BS)
    f. German Standards (DIN)
    g. Japanese Standards (JIS)