SS ISO 37001:2016

Anti-bribery management systems — Requirements with guidance for use


Specifies requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving an anti-bribery management system.
Sets out requirements and provides guidance for a management system designed to help an organisation to prevent, detect and respond to bribery and comply with anti-bribery laws and voluntary commitments applicable to its activities.
Does not specifically address fraud, cartels and other anti-trust/competition offences, money-laundering or other activities related to corrupt practices, although an organisation can choose to extend the scope of the management system to include such activities.




Status Current
Edition 2016
No. of Pages 64
ICS Classification 03.100.01 Company organization and management in general
Committee Quality and Safety Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption ISO 37001 : 2016 IDT