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Improving Workplace Safety and Productivity with ISO 45001

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ISO 45001 has helped Sun City to establish systematic and robust business processes, which have minimised accidents and boosted productivity and staff morale. Sun City Maintenance Ptd Ltd, or Sun City for short, is a Singapore-based property care service provider established in 1995. Today, it is a leader in Singapore’s cleaning and disinfection industry with an employee count of over 600 and revenue surpassing S$25 million. ..... Continue Reading →

Reaping Operational and Business Benefits with SS 668

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By implementing SS 668, Jurong Cold Store now achieves cold room temperature consistency 100% of the time and 0% food wastage – plus points that boost the company’s competitive advantage and assure its customers that their frozen food products are in the best hands. ..... Continue Reading →

Lead in the Global Graphene Market with Singapore Standard

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2D Materials Pte Ltd (2DM), established in 2015, manufactures high-performance graphene as an additive to industrial materials such as paints, coatings, batteries, composites, polymers and lubricants. The company’s mission is to expand the frontier of materials application with high-performance graphene. ..... Continue Reading →

Going green? Use standards for sustainability

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This article was first published in Entrepreneur’s Digest. As Prime Minister Lee mentioned in his National Day Rally speech, Singapore is taking climate change seriously. Our island will not be spared from extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels. Hence, there is a pressing need to develop and adopt sustainable solutions for the long term. Businesses too have recognised the need to adopt green practices systematically and holistically. This would assure a meaningful ..... Continue Reading →

Building Trust in Your Products and Services

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This article was first published on BizQ. The challenging and uncertain economic climate today poses a significant threat to businesses. Food safety, cyberattacks and pandemics like COVID-19 are just some of the risks that enterprises have to prepare themselves for. With consumers being more informed and risk averse at the same time, companies need to make more effort in assuring potential customers of the quality of their products and services. Companies can establish greater levels of ..... Continue Reading →

Here is why businesses should care about accreditation in today’s climate of disruption and risk

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Emerging technologies have introduced both challenges and opportunities for businesses today. Areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and augmented reality are starting to play a greater role in the economy. To protect themselves against risks as well as thrive in this challenging business climate, companies need to be organisationally resilient. They have to ensure that the right systems and processes are in place, and their products and services meet international standards. ..... Continue Reading →

Power your Industry 4.0 Journey with Standards

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Through Industry 4.0 (I4.0) technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacturing and more, manufacturing companies have the potential to be more innovative, efficient, productive and sustainable. McKinsey’s 2018 Industry 4.0: Reinvigorating ASEAN Manufacturing for the Future report estimates that manufacturers in ASEAN could achieve productivity gains worth US$216 billion to US$627 billion (~S$ 294 billion to S$853 billion) upon implementing I4.0 technologies ..... Continue Reading →

Why Standards Matter for AI and Big Data

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By Mr Cheong Tak Leong, Director, Standards, Enterprise Singapore and Mr Laurence Liew, Director, AI Singapore, and Chairman, AI Technical Committee under Singapore Standards Council’s IT Standards Committee. This article was first published on APAC CIO Outlook. Artificial intelligence. Up until recently, the term would bring to mind science fiction movies or books. Technology however, has now made it a part of our everyday life. Take Surbana Jurong as an example. Based on lift sensor ..... Continue Reading →

Securing a cleaner and better business with standards

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As governments around the world make sustainability a priority, more businesses need to quickly get on board. At the recent United Nations General Assembly, China pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. The US, under a Biden administration, is expected to commit to achieving net-zero emissions no later than 2050. Singapore itself has also launched the Zero Waste Masterplan to ..... Continue Reading →

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