ISO 7617-1:2001

Plastics-coated fabrics for upholstery — Part 1: Specification for PVC-coated knitted fabrics


This part of ISO 7617 specifies technical requirements for coated fabrics for upholstered furniture for interior use,

obtained by applying to one side of a weft-knitted base cloth a substantially continuous coating of a suitably

plasticized polymer of vinyl chloride, or a copolymer the major constituent of which is vinyl chloride. Such coatings

are known as poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) coatings. The present specification covers fabrics coated with solid PVC

and also covers two grades with coatings consisting of a layer of expanded PVC.


General Information

Status Current
Edition 2001
No. of Pages 17
ICS Classification 97.140 Furniture
59.080.40 Coated fabrics
Committee ISO/TC 45/SC 4
Available for Purchase For sale in Singapore only
Adoption ISO