SS 658:2020

Code of practice for design, operation, testing and maintenance of local exhaust ventilation systems


Specifies the requirements for the design and construction of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems for the removal of air borne contaminants generated or released from any process, operation or work carried on in the workplace. Establishes recommended practices for operation, testing and maintenance of LEV systems to assure continuous and satisfactory performance of the systems. Also covers competency requirements for designing, testing and maintaining the systems.

Does not cover applications of LEV for removal of bio-aerosols and radioactive materials. Not applicable to mechanical ventilation for pharmaceutical containment, confined spaces, clean rooms and air-conditioning in buildings. However, the principles of LEV often apply in such areas. For kitchen LEV refer to SS 553: 2016 Code of practice for air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation in buildings.




Status Current
Edition 2020
No. of Pages 70
ICS Classification 91.140.30 Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
Committee Quality and Safety Standards Committee
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