SS ISO 46001:2019+C1:2021

Water efficiency management systems — Requirements with guidance for use


Specifies requirements and contains guidance for its use in establishing, implementing and maintaining a water efficiency management system. Applicable to organisations of all types and sizes that use water. Focused on end-use consumers.

Applicable to any organisation that wishes to:
a) achieve the efficient use of water through the ‘reduce, replace or reuse’ approach;
b) establish, implement and maintain water efficiency;
c) continually improve water efficiency.

Specifies requirements and contains guidance for its use regarding organisational water use. Includes monitoring, measurement, documentation, reporting, design and procurement practices for equipment, systems, processes and personnel training that contribute to water efficiency management.




Status Current
Edition 2019+C1:2021
No. of Pages 53
ICS Classification 03.100.70 Management systems
13.060.01 Water quality in general
Committee Environment and Resources Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption ISO 46001 : 2019 IDT