ISO 18417:2017

Iodine charcoal sorbents for nuclear facilities — Method for defining sorption capacity index


The scope of ISO 18417:2017 covers

- iodine sorbents for nuclear power plants, nuclear facilities, research and other nuclear reactors,

- iodine sorbents for laboratories, including nuclear medicine, and

- iodine sorbents for sampling equipment on sample lines.

ISO 18417:2017 applies to iodine sorbents manufacturers and operators in order to measure the actual performance of these sorbents and their sorption capacity for radioiodine.

ISO 18417:2017 applies to granulated and crushed iodine sorbents based on activated charcoal (hereinafter referred to as "sorbents") used for trapping gaseous radioiodine and its compounds. This document establishes the method and conditions for defining sorption capacity index in a laboratory.


General Information

Status Current
Edition 2017
No. of Pages 19
ICS Classification 13.280 Radiation protection
Committee ISO/TC 85/SC 2
Available for Purchase For sale in Singapore only
Adoption ISO