SS ISO 20807:2022

Non-destructive testing – Qualification of personnel for limited application of non-destructive testing


1.1 This Singapore standard establishes a system for the qualification of personnel who perform NDT applications of a limited, repetitive or automated nature, such as:
a) eddy current and electromagnetic sorting of materials;
b) eddy current and electromagnetic testing of tubular products during manufacture;
c) normal beam ultrasonic testing of plate materials during manufacture;
d) ultrasonic thickness testing.
These examples are not intended to restrict the range of qualifications which could be covered by this International Standard.

1.2 This standard therefore does not provide for magnetic particle testing (MT) or liquid penetrant testing (PT).

NOTE The arrangements described in ISO 9712 provide sufficient flexibility to allow limited applications of these methods.

1.3 When the need for qualified non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel is defined in product standards, regulations, codes or specifications, and the nature of the testing to be carried out is limited in scope or automated such that the qualification requirements specified in ISO 9712 are considered inappropriate or excessive, it may be satisfied by qualification in accordance with thisSingapore Standard.

1.4 This Singapore standard is not intended to supplant the qualification and certification requirements detailed in sector-specific standards, such as ISO 11484:1994 Steel tubes for pressure purposes — Qualification and certification of non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel.

1.5 The requirements detailed herein apply only to NDT personnel qualified for specific applications, and no direct attempt should be made to equate this to the NDT levels defined in ISO 9712. However, it is recommended that qualified personnel defined in this Singapore Standard be supervised by an appropriately certified NDT level 2 or 3 person as defined in ISO 9712:1999.




Status Current
Edition 2022
No. of Pages 41
ICS Classification 03.100.30 Management of human resources
19.100 Non-destructive testing
Committee Quality and Safety Standards Committee
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Adoption ISO 20807 : 2004 IDT