CP 74:1998

Code of practice for selection, use, and maintenance of respiratory protective devices (Replaced by SS 548:2009)


Sets forth accepted practices for respirator users; provides information and guidance on the selection, use and maintenance of respirators and contains recommendations for establishing respirator protection programmes. Covers the use of respirators to protect against the inhalation of contaminants and against oxygen-deficient atmospheres in the workplace.
Does not cover underwater breathing devices, the use of respirators in aircrafts, the use of respirators under military combat conditions and the use of life support respirators for medical or resuscitation purposes.
Contains requirements and recommendations on respirator selection, respirator fit, training, medical fitness, respirator maintenance and breathing air quality.


Replaced by SS 548:2009


Status Withdrawn - 06 Aug 2009
Edition 1998
No. of Pages 55
ICS Classification 13.340.30 Respiratory protective devices
Committee Safety and Quality Standards Committee
Available for Purchase unknown
Adoption -