SS 696:2023

Specification for high containment (biosafety level 3) facility


This standard covers the physical containment requirements and recommendations, administrative control and operating practices, performance verification for high containment facilities (also termed as Biosafety Level 3 or BSL-3 facilities), which are handling hazardous biological agents. The scope of this standard includes the use of animals that can be handled within primary containment isolators/cages, whereby a room is the secondary containment, the use of loose pen animals, whereby the room is the primary containment, and the use of arthropods.

Requirements involving the handling of agricultural animals, animals infected with high consequence or otherwise regulated livestock pathogens, plants, autopsy, vaccine or large-scale production (in aggregate 10 or more litres at any one time) activities are not detailed in this standard. Users are advised to seek guidance from the relevant authorities and/or the corresponding standards (or requirements) for such work and any other works which are not covered in this standard.


This standard was launched by the Biomedical and Health Standards Committee on 20 February 2024. Attended by 66 participants from organisations including Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, National Environment Agency, Public Utilities Board, National Parks Board, Singapore-based BSL-3 facilities, certification bodies, auditing organisations and consultancies, the event provided insights into the specifications and protocols outlined in SS 696 and facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the standard’s content and its practical application.
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Status Current
Edition 2023
No. of Pages 90
ICS Classification 11.020.01 Quality and environmental management in health care
13.100 Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene
Committee Biomedical and Health Standards Committee
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