TR 25-2:2022

Electric vehicles charging system – Part 2 : Low power charging


This Technical Reference (TR) is applicable to on-board and off-board equipment for charging electric
vehicles (EVs) in areas with non-restricted access or restricted access at standard AC supply voltages up to 230 V AC and a rated output voltage of up to 230 V AC or up to 120 V DC with the maximum power not exceeding 2.3 kW.

It covers the requirements for electrical installation, functional needs and safety, and connection to the
electric powered two wheelers (e-PTW includes three wheelers and quadricycles) or EVs.

The objective of this TR is to provide the requirements for e-PTW and EV charging system that aligns
with currently accepted international practices and takes local conditions into consideration. It states
the safety requirements to protect persons and property against electrical hazards.




Status Current
Edition 2022
No. of Pages 41
ICS Classification 43.120 Electric road vehicles
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
Available for Purchase Global
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