SS 536:2023

Code of practice for the safe use of mobile cranes


This standard provides guidelines and requirements for the construction, application, operation, maintenance and testing of mobile cranes for their safe use.

The types of land-based mobile cranes covered by this standard include crawler-mounted cranes, wheel-mounted cranes and truck-mounted cranes, but exclude lorry loaders and excavators certified as lifting machines by authorised examiners.

Mobile crane with non-hydraulic boom types (i.e. rope-suspended boom) and hydraulic boom types are covered in this standard (see Annex A).

This standard does not include equipment used for specialised operations or operations that are not basically considered as lifting, for example:

a) demolition with the use of a demolition ball;
b) piling; and
c) grabbing.




Status Current
Edition 2023
No. of Pages 86
ICS Classification 53.020.20 Cranes
Committee Safety and Quality Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption -