TR 68-3:2021 (Redline)

Autonomous vehicles – Part 3 : Cybersecurity principles and assessment framework


The TR provides the technical provisions for cybersecurity assessment framework of autonomous vehicles deployed on public roads. Specifically, the use case of deployment in Singapore is considered.

The key areas of focus for this TR include:

- Approach of an enhanced AV cybersecurity assessment framework;
- Identify potential attack surfaces and threat scenarios; and
- Framework and method for AV security testing.

The fields of autonomous vehicles and cybersecurity are both experiencing intensive development with new standards and technology developments being released regularly. Therefore, it is likely that this TR will be regularly reviewed and updated to align with industry developments.


A Redline version of the document shows changes from the previous edition marked in colour. With the Redline you can quickly spot changed sections and tell specifically what has been changed from the previous edition, saving time and avoiding confusion.


Status Current
Edition 2021 (Redline)
No. of Pages 81
ICS Classification 35.030 IT Security
43.020 Road vehicles in general
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
Available for Purchase Global
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