SS 515:2021 (Redline)

Code of practice for supervision of structural works


This code sets out provisions for the supervision of structural works at construction sites. It gives the minimum requirements for supervision of structural works. For specific projects, more stringent requirements may be set.

This code also covers the supervision of shallow foundations, piling works, in-situ concrete, precast components, prestressing of concrete, structural steelworks, structural timber.

The following items are not within the scope of this code:

a) Temporary works;

b) Constituent materials of concrete, such as cement, sand and coarse aggregates; and

c) Basic tests on concrete materials, fresh concrete and hardened concrete. Such tests include the slump test, concrete cube and cylinder tests, sieve analysis, silt content in sand, tensile and bending tests on steel reinforcement, as well as core tests and other non-destructive tests on hardened concrete.


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Status Current
Edition 2021 (Redline)
No. of Pages 114
ICS Classification 91.080 Structures of buildings
Committee Building and Construction Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption -