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TR 54:2016

Technical Reference for smart plugs for homes


Covers specific safety and performance requirements of a smart plug which is constructed as an integral unit incorporating both a 3-pin plug portion and a shuttered socket-outlet portion with built-in functions to facilitate remote controlling or monitoring of home appliances, energy measurement, and any other optional functions. Smart plug specified in this Technical Reference is suitable for the connection of most home appliances, portable appliances, sound-vision equipment, luminaires, etc. in a.c. circuits only, operating at voltages not exceeding 250 V r.m.s. at 50 Hz for home usage.
Requirements are specified for the low voltage and extra-low voltage components and the essential tests under normal and abnormal conditions with the smart plug as an assembly for delivering a current not exceeding 10 A and at a nominal voltage of 230 V a.c. The requirements for communication protocol and security standards are also specified for compliance.
The smart plug specified in this Technical Reference is for controlling or monitoring of only one home appliance or device at any one time. The shuttered socket contacts of the smart plug are specified for connection to a 13 A plug with pins configuration compliance to SS 145.




Status Under Revision
Edition 2016
No. of Pages 76
ICS Classification 35.020 Information technology (IT) in general
29.120.30 Plugs, socket-outlets, couplers
Committee Electrical and Electronic Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption : 0