SS 697:2023

Deployment and operation of data centre IT equipment under tropical climate


The objective of this Singapore Standard (SS) is to provide a set of recommendations for DCs located within tropical climate zones such as Singapore, where the average temperature hovers around 30 ºC, with a typical range of 24 ºC to 31 ºC, but can be as high as 37 ºC; the average RH level is about 84 %, typically ranging from 60 % to above 90 %. Based on analysis of empirical data collected from production servers monitored by the Tropical Data Centre (TDC) research team, an environmental operating envelope optimised for energy efficiency is derived, and the method for application, measurement and monitoring is described.




Status Current
Edition 2023
No. of Pages 42
ICS Classification 13.020.10 Environmental management
35.020 Information technology (IT) in general
Committee Information Technology Standards Committee
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