SS 652:2019

Maintainability of facilities


"Provides guidance and methodologies to building and real estate professionals involved in the design, construction and maintenance of a facility.

The objectives are:

a) To enhance high maintainability of facilities through identifying the common maintainability
issues and the corresponding requirements for good practices by designers, constructors and
facilities managers at the outset of the planning/design stage.
b) To recommend best practices for the respective professionals from design, construction to
maintenance stages, in a practical, concerted and conscientious manner towards high
maintainability, safety, productivity and environmentally friendly goals.
c) To inculcate a conscious effort and commitment for all building and real estate professionals to
take into consideration the whole life performance and economic value of a facility within the
environmental constraints.

Identifies common maintainability issues of facilities and recommends the relevant best
practices applicable to design, construction and facilities management. Major components of a facility include basements, wet areas, facades, common areas2, roofs and mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems.




Status Current
Edition 2019
No. of Pages 111
ICS Classification 03.080.10 Maintenance services. Facilities management
Committee Building and Construction Standards Committee
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