ISO 18828-2:2016

Industrial automation systems and integration — Standardized procedures for production systems engineering — Part 2: Reference process for seamless production planning


ISO 18828-2:2016 describes a reference planning process for seamless production planning.

The scope of the discussed reference process focusses on the planning of production systems such as make-to-stock or assemble-to-order production. The analysis of the process activities has been limited to those within the production planning. The following aspects are within the scope of ISO 18828-2:2016:

· general overview of the reference planning process;

· basic principles of the process model;

· description of each level identified within the reference planning process for production planning;

· structure of activities and relations within each planning discipline;

· dependencies of interdisciplinary activities.

The following items are outside the scope of ISO 18828-2:2016:

· material requirement planning/manufacturing resource planning;

· production order control;

· production process;

· early stage product design;

· order management, inventory management, purchasing, transportation, warehousing;

· production facilities planning/manufacturing facilities planning (physical plant and equipment), including any kind of resource that is not directly related to the manufacturing process;

· value chain (inbound logistics, operations management, outbound logistics, marketing and sales);

· resource visualization;

· process simulation.




Status Current
Edition 2016
No. of Pages 32
ICS Classification 25.040.40 Industrial process measurement and control
Committee ISO/TC 184/SC 4
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