CP 98:2003

Code of practice for preparation and use of material safety data sheets (MSDS) (Replaced by SS 586:Part 3:2008)


Gives recommendations for the preparation, review, re-issue and application of MSDS. Covers the responsibility of the suppliers and manufacturers of chemical substances and preparations in the compilation and completion of an MSDS, and that of users (employers and employees) to make use of the information in the MSDS to prevent unnecessary exposure to persons in the workplace and inthe community. Does not cover the use of pharmaceutical substances and preparations by medical physicians and veterinarians in the management of the health of a person or an animal, but applies to the production and use of these substances and preparations in an industrial process.


Replaced by SS 586:Part 3:2008

General Information

Status Withdrawn - 23 Jun 2008
Edition 2003
No. of Pages 69
ICS Classification 71.020 Production in the chemical industry
Committee Quality and Safety Standards Committee
Available for Purchase unknown
Adoption ISO 11014-1 : 0 NEQ