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IEC 62481-10:2017

Digital living network alliance (DLNA) home networked device interoperability guidelines - Part 10: Low-power mode


IEC 62481-10:2017(E) specifies guidelines for low-power mode management. Power saving is modular within a physical device. In the context of DLNA networked devices, each physical network interface can have various power modes, some of which can allow Layer 2 or Layer 3 connectivity to still be present, even when many of the other components of the device are powered down. Other physical components, such as screens, hard drives, and similar resources, can also support different power modes.




Status Current
Edition 2017
No. of Pages 14
ICS Classification 35.110 Networking
35.100.05 Multilayer applications
33.160 Audio, video and audiovisual engineering
Committee TC 100/TA 18
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Adoption IEC