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TR 68-4 :2021 (Redline)

Autonomous vehicles – Part 4 : Vehicular data types and formats


This TR is written for levels 4 and 5 AVs, as defined in SAE J3016, to be deployed as people and goods mover systems (i.e. mobility-on-demand and scheduled transportation services that are equivalent to Class 3 and Class 4 motor vehicle driving licenses in Singapore). This TR is applicable to levels 4 and 5 AVs in mixed-use traffic and on public roads. Hence, the safety of internal occupants and external road users is paramount.

This TR specifies vehicular data types and formats (but not the interchange syntax) for the following purposes:

a) Data to be recorded by the data storage system for automated driving;

b) Reasonable and adequate use of AV data to continuously improve safety;

c) Management of dynamic content (e.g. high-definition (HD) mapping, road traffic information);

d) Data to be used in investigation and reporting of accidents and claim disputes; and

e) V2X (vehicle to everything) information exchange for enhancing safety and efficiency.

This TR does not include the following:

a) Over-the-air software updates;

b) AV fleet management system;

c) Interface between AV and any human operator/driver; and

d) Data privacy and ownership.


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Status Current
Edition 2021 (Redline)
No. of Pages 205
ICS Classification 35.040 Information coding
43.020 Road vehicles in general
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
Available for Purchase Global
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