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SS 665:2020

Code of practice for ceramic wall and floor tiling


This standard provides requirements for the design and installation of ceramic and mosaic floor and wall tiling in normal internal and external conditions. This standard also deals with classes and types of backgrounds and their suitability to receive tiling using the following fixing methods:

(a) Bedding in cementitious adhesives on an intermediate substrate or as a direct bedding method.

(b) Bedding in organic based adhesives (dispersion or reaction resin) on an intermediate substrate or as a direct bedding method.

This standard does not cover both the natural and agglomerated stone tiles. It also does not cover the design and installation of ceramic tiles in specific conditions such as in a swimming pool, and in situations where there are specific environmental or functional requirements, such as the need for a sterile environment and conditions that are potentially detrimental to either the installation or the background.


Replaces CP 68 : 1997


Status Current
Edition 2020
No. of Pages 56
ICS Classification 91.200 Construction technology
Committee Building and Construction Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption : 0