ISO 17269:2000

Passenger car tyres — Methods for measuring rolling circumference — Loaded new tyres


This International Standard specifies two methods for measuring, under loaded conditions, the rolling

circumference and revolutions per unit distance (kilometres) of new tyres for use on passenger cars. The first is a

drum method that consists of loading a test tyre mounted on a free axle against a driven road wheel, or drum, of

specified diameter. The second involves using a vehicle whose drive axle is equipped with the test tyres driven on

a straight, paved road.

This International Standard is applicable to all passenger car tyres. However, the values obtained from the

measurements are not intended to be used as benchmarks for performance or quality.


General Information

Status Current
Edition 2000
No. of Pages 8
ICS Classification 83.160.10 Road vehicle tyres
Committee ISO/TC 31/SC 3
Available for Purchase For sale in Singapore only
Adoption ISO